Boots up!

It's been awhile since my last post, and it's been awhile since my last outfit post. This is my third and last week in my hometown. I've been watching many dramas these few days, especially on last weekend. Before that, I went to do a hair treatment and cut my hair. After that, I asked for a braided fringe and curled my hair. What do you think with this hairstyle? This is my second time doing this. I did the same hairstyle 3 months ago before I went fot summer course. But I'm still happy on how it comes out.

Yesterday I went to church and went for lunch with my mom and her friends afterwards. I was wearing my boots. I rarely wear them,  but yesterday I go for an easy look and wore my boots again.

top & boots & feather earrings Forever21 // pants Singapore // 

close up on my hair 

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