Engagement Party

Last weekend was really hectic with many weddings, engagements, and events happened at once on Saturday and Sunday. I could feel that The Mooncake Festival was one of the reason why people chose those two days to celebrate some of the happiest moments in their life. As well as for me, I attended one of my close friend engagement party at one of the hotel in my hometown. I was really happy for her! For her engagement party, some of her close friends have to wear peach as the color theme. And I was wearing a dress that I made by myself. It was not the best that I could wear, I confessed. If you noticed, I cut my hair short, and I curled my hair that day which made my hair look even shorter. Let me know what you think about my hair.


Bali Part 2 - When in Bali..

Bali Part 2...

Second day was fully for eating places and cafes. As well as getting our sunset moment at La Laguna Beach & Club. You should definitely check this place out when you come to Bali with you friends. Not really an eating place, but a place for chill with your friends while enjoying sunset, this place got all the vibe! Our first stop in the morning was going to get our brunch at Sisterfields. This place has become famous for their brunch menu. I do recommend their Acai Bowl. Afterwards, we went towards a little cafe nearby, it's called Creamy Comfort.

Acai Bowl @ Sisterfields, Seminyak

 Creamy Comfort, a little dessert and coffee shop with cute and vintage vibe. Just next by AXIOO

 That peanut butter oreo cake taste really good! I'm a fan of peanut butter.. 
(right) cute little corner that I really like at the moment for an interior inspiration. 

don't mind with the messy table

From Where I Stand, I like the carpet that I would want one at my room.

La Laguna Bali

One of other recommended place in Bali. Ultimo, an Italian restaurant located at Seminyak. This place is always full with people, mostly with foreigners when I came at that time. You want a good food with good vibe and price. You name it.

Inside and outside look...

Tried to get a healthier choice for dinner. Love the roasted salmon 

And last but not least place to visit on our last day in Bali. Gardin Bistro. Again, located at Seminyak.

Since a year ago I visited to this place, I always adore the painting behind me


Bali Part 1 - I Scream for Gelato!

I just came back from Bali last Tuesday. I had an amazing days to spend with my friends. We went to many places, mostly eating places. Though there was unexpected thing happened during our trip, we still had a great of three days and two nights together!


The first Place: Lello Lello Gelato Located at Seminyak, Bali
I had the best gelato here! I tried the banana and raspberry flavour on a cone. It was not too heavy like other gelato, I feel less guilty eating it!

Second Place: W Resort & Spa, Bali
You should definitely visit this place, it has a nice vibe.

Last Place: Potato Head Beach Club
Always prefer to come here during sunset or at night, but you should not mind the queue especially during sunset. This pace is always crowded during sunset but the view is always great and the food I can't ask for more. Had the food that were they recommend, my favourite was nachos.

I need to get ready for weekend, see you on the next Bali part 2.

To Be Continue...


Throwback Bali and Blogging

Hello guys! It has been a years since I last make a post in my blog. I was away for a long time from blogging and there are many things happened in during the time. I am back to share my stories. I just graduated after I studied fashion designer for three years in Shanghai, if you still remembered, I moved to Shanghai three years ago and blogspot was one of many websites that is being blocked in China. Anyway, I am back in my hometown and will be staying here for now. If you notice, I changed my blog layout and name. I changed my blog name to Steph's Fragments to start blogging again. I can't wait to share my stories with you guys! Hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

I want to share my trip to Bali last year's during summer. I went for a 3 days and 2 nights trip with three of my childhood friends from elementary and junior high. That was my first time going to Bali after four years and having a trip with friends are the best. I still remembered clearly how I really had so much fun in Bali.

A paddy field at the side of the street in Bali, I just can't help it but to quickly capture this nature from the car's window.

 Our first stop when we went to Bali was to eat the best pork ribs in Bali at Naughty Nuri's, located at Ubud.
 Selfie With a friend 

In front of Sea Circus, Seminyak 

The next day, headed to Pandawa Beach for Kayak-ing with friends. No, I did not ride it alone, I have a friend in front of me. Two is better than one when it comes for kayak-ing, Agree? 

 The last day, went to one of the "it" place in Bali, Gardin Bistro & Patisserie, Seminyak. I have to say the place was nice and the food are great as well.

While writing about my throwback Bali trip, I'm actually getting ready for tomorrow's trip to Bali again! It's going to be another 3 days and 2 nights trip with my friends. I will be back on next Tuesday and I just can't wait to explore Bali again this time! Wait for my next posts for the full story.

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