8 Hours In Singapore - Garden By The Bay & Haji Lane

Hi! It's been a very long time I didn't post anything. I just came back from my summer trip. This time was a week gateway to Kuala Lumpur to visit my sister and family. The trip was fun, and while we were searching for things to do in KL, it was a weekend in a long holiday. It was not my first or second time to visit KL, I lived there since High School until I got my Diploma in design major. Mostly, I knew every places to go in KL, but it's always interesting to go there and just reminiscing what are the things that have changed and what I have done in the past. And short story, I ended up going for a one day trip to Singapore. It was a crazy plan at the first place. My bf and I suddenly got the bus ticket and we rode the earliest 6 a.m. Bus from KL, We took Aeroline Bus. The bus was super comfy, they provide us with blanket, a meal, and a small tv in front of every seats. I couldn't ask for more, The seat was super comfy that I just slept for hours. Usually the travel hour will be 4 hours plus. Excluding the immigration and the traffic jam. Unluckily we got stuck at the Singapore immigration. It took us almost 2 hours in the immigration before we finally arrived at Vivo City (the bus stop is nearby Vivo) at 1 P.M..

Took us sometime to get to the exit and found a taxi. We both decided not to waste our time to ride MRT. We used the public Taxi headed to Garden By The Bay. We went inside the Flower Dome, This place makes me leaves in awe. Different flowers from different areas are growing together at one place.

Love Hydrange that comes with variety of colours! 

Look through the huge window glass
Feels like I'm sitting at a park

we then entered Cloud Forest Dome

Lots of awesome and magical view in this dome.

It was raining when we went to the Garden By the Bay, we couldn't go to the outdoor park sadly. We then continued to get our lunch, It was a late lunch. We thought we were going to use grabcar, but we ended up getting taxi at the taxi area. We wanted to go to an authentic Swedish Restaurant, recommended by my sister. It was at Haji Lane Area. I don't really get why the taxi driver that took us to the place didn't understand where Haji Lane is, we ended up have to walk by our own. Unluckily I chose the direction to the opposite direction and ended up to a mall that also has Fika Cafe. In the end we still wanted to have our lunch at Haji lane Area, long story short, we took taxi to Haji Lane. After a long time we got lost and walk, we arrived at Fika Cafe around 4 P.M.

This is the place that we were looking for!

Love the ambience, super hommy and super Scandinavian Style.

Tried their baked pasta and Swedish stroganoff. Simple and yummy!

After we had our late lunch, we continued to walk around the Haji Lane Area. We have a walked around, this street (pic above) has quite a lot of fabric stores. Just don't forget to have your camera ready when you strolled at Haji Lane. There are some colourful shops that sell unique stuffs, some cool murals to stop by and some restaurant / dessert and coffee shops to try.

I like this colourful wall, you could find several of this kind of murals in the small alleys. You would find a group of people stop by for some time to take good photos.

This Shop catches my eyes, I like the green colour wall and how they arrange the shop, makes me want to stop by.

Finally we went to find this coffee shop that is famous with the signature rainbow, rainbow cake, rainbow mille crepe, rainbow latte, you name it. When we searched for a good dessert shop in the internet, many people recommend this place, we gave it a try. Again, unique ambience and I like it how this little shop is just right in the corner that we can sit on having our dessert with a street view. You should try it, unfortunately I couldn't try the mille crepe. Definitely you have to take a shot next to the I am... Sign!

After we strolled around at Haji Lane for more than 2 hours, we decided to take a GrabCar going to back Vivo City, we decided to wait there until our departure. We had enough time to go around the shopping mall, I decided to eat my most favourite food that I always eat every time I visit Singapore, It's a Fried Fish Noodle! I had it at Vivo City Food Republic at the top floor. I was going to get KOI after the meal, but I was too full (too bad for a milk tea fan). We head back at 8 P.M..
Overall the journey was very fun and tiring at the same time. The short trip was surely create a lot of memories, a lot of walking, getting lost, eating, and taking photos.