Discover Paris during Winter / Summary of My Paris Trip 2017

I'm back after my last travelling blog post. I decided to make a post about where I have been or where I have travelled. Just want to jot down some memories that I had in my head into this blog, so that I can look back one day and reminisce.

I had a long list and tons of photos to share about my last trip to Paris. It happened on the end of January, I travelled to Paris for around 10 days because of my Bf's sister got married in Paris. It's really an exciting moment and trip at the same time. It's because it's her wedding day, second that was my first time to travel outside Asia, third we started out trip on My birthday 28th January 2017, which also happened to be CNY.

Everything was very exciting for me, since I also got to spend some time with my bf in Paris. We explored Paris within 10 days, we took uber, metro, and walked to go to the places that we want to go. I was so happy that I could walked a lot, unlike in my hometown that barely have a long walk (esp. when you can walk 22.000 steps in a day).

We went to Paris by Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Paris. We stayed at Le Marais area. It's really a great area, it's very lively at night, BHV, art galleries, mini market and food stores nearby. It's definitely one of the best place to stay in Paris.

First thing first when in Paris, Boulangerie / bakeries are everywhere, My bf's sister brought us to have some pastries from their neighbourhood bakery, and I must say the pastry that we had tasted really great !

We headed to Pantheon in the first day. That day was really cold and it was too cold inside the building, I was a little struggle inside.

Jardin Du Luxembourg. A nice area to visit, I went there on Sunday and there was many locals playing many kinds of sports in the park. I was amazed about the activities in the park. A great place for families. 

At our Airbnb Neighbourhood around Le Marais Area, we almost had our bfast at this bakery everyday. 

HUGE serving of Paella? 

Our second day, we tried a coffee shop to have some coffee. I had my cappuccino for around 5 Euro or more, and I got a fancy, foamy cappuccino.

Buildings around Le Marais. This kind of building is common in Paris, and makes me want to have an office there too. I love the fact it has a lot of windows and I can see the surrounding.

We visited the Louvre on our second day,  My bf's sister helped us to get the ticket for us from online.

Inside the Louvre. We didn't have much time to go all of the places inside. In the end we just googled what are the things that is famous to see. Louvre is really huge and interesting for art lovers. But it's kinda impossible to finish going through all of them within a day.

Found the cupid inside Louvre!

Me, my Bf, and his sister.

One morning, me and my bf like to go to neighbourhood trying different places/ bakeries nearby where we live to to grab breakfast and our coffee. Most of our mornings will be gloomy like this. It's sad but true. Once in a while we had to see sun, but very rare. The quiche was really good at this place.

From outside, lot's of nice building to capture. This is where we get the quiche.

One of my favorite place in Paris. Champs Elysees (love)

 Outfits -- Wearing Jacket, knitted top, skirt - ZARA 

No edit Photo at night.

In front of that famous place, Trocadero.

In front of Opera, didn't get a chance to go inside, but my friend said it's interesting inside. Maybe I should go there next time.

The weather in Paris during Jan-Feb is unpredictable. It could be very cold one time, in a few hours it can be very hot. Just be prepared. 

What could you be doing at night? Just have some drinks, a little snack like popcorn, and a good accompany.

We love to strolled at night, It's just that I could not stand cold. But my BF could, he could go around without his thin jacket. I was feeling cold that night, then he gave me his jacket without doubt and walked normally. I was super freezing, and people just looked at my BF's with a strange look. (I mean, how could he stand the cold).

One day I just visited Pompidou, it's an art center that exhibit some artits's works. Worth to have a look! A view from the top building.

The Palace of Versailles. Super crowded with tourists. It's a touristic place indeed. 

That famous Wall of Mirrors inside the Palace.

Champ Elysees at night, full of lights. me love. It's a long post. I will continue This post on the next post! thank you for reading, stay tuned!