Black Lace and Stripes


Wearing a stripes bodycon and lace top from cotton on

Pictures were taken a few days back after I went back from meeting with friends. We went to a new eating place, it's new for me because I've never been to this place before. A nice, and cozy place, too bad I didn't take any picture. We were on the second floor, and it was open door and lack of lights (purposely to bring a romantic feeling, I guess) until they prepare a torch light written with "for food order purposes." So we were using it to look at the menu. Funny but fun experience. 
My hometown has some changes since the past 6 months when I was away. Some new places including shopping mall are opening. It's good, new and more places to go. Awesome.

Finally I bought another new book, the teen vogue handbook. I wanted to get this book a long time ago and finally I bought it. It's been quite a while since I read books. I love to read books about fashion, anything related into it. Like last time, I borrowed a book about fashion business, I forgot the name of the book. Any interesting book recommendations? Please share with me :)

ps. I just realized that I've been wearing stripes from the last 2 posts.. and I'm wearing stripes again