List of SOngs that I often to listen recently : of course all of these will be my favorites :)

Singer: SNSD (소녀시대)
I fall in love with this group besides Wonder Girls >.<
I'm in the process of praticing the dance from the song GEE. haha, sounds stupid right? xP But I enjoy it!
Title: *GEE
(this song will cheer you up!)^^
*Way To Go
*IF (Taeyeon)
*Kissing You

Singer: Wonder Girls
Title: *Saying I love you
(Sweet song from the girls view)

Singer: Big Bang
Title: *LOLLIPOP (a CF song)
*Songs for all the time : Day by Day, Sunset Glow, Lies, Stylish, Number 1, Strong Baby (Seung Ri) and some from Tae Yang Solo.

Singer: Super Junior

Title: SORRY SORRY ( The rythm will beat your day!)

Singer: Mc Magic Ft. DJ Kane
Title: Sexy Lady

Singer: GAVY NJ
Title: *Love Story (sad love song)

Singer: Epik High
Title: *Fly
1 minute 1 second
Umbrella (ft. Younha)

Boys Before Flowers OST

From the 1st OST album
Singer: Ashily
Title: *Lucky
(make me feel peace everytime I listen to this song (I try to remember the lyric too)
Singer: T-MAX
Title: *Paradise

From the 2nd OST album
Title: Yearning of the heart - A'ST1
Making a Lover - SS501

(*): Songs favorited for all the time will be the number 1 in my Song lists! :D