I am quite happy today! Something fun happened. haha xP

Today I went to school at around 9 a.m. +++ .. The lesson begins at 8.30 But my brother was going to skip the first class. hehe So ya, As usual, We need to walk out from our condo and searched for taxi.. Bargain and stuff..~ ToT I hate to do so, but I must :( In the early morning, we get annoyed by the taxi drivers.. >.< sigh*

We arrived at school around 9.40 a.m. and we attended chemistry class. Then during break time, we went out from school with some friends. Around 13 of us were skipping classes. During the break time, we usually allow to go out to the park. As usual, there was a guard man who usually stay in front of the gate. We went out safely to the car park. Then suddenly we saw another guard stayed at another corner in the park. We suppose to run to a small road without anybody realize. But then, the guard saw us and knew our plan :(
One of my friend went towards the guard and asked for permission. Obviously he said we can't go out.. haha.. Then, another friend didn't care about it and just ran away, the guard saw him and he was trying to stop my friend. So we were stuck there in the park...

After some times, we asked a teacher (who never teach us).. One of my friend finally got a permission! hehe Of course he is good at "talking" x)
We went to a coffee shop near our school. We had breakfast together there.. It was quite fun. Until around 12 p.m. , we went to cybercafe (internet cafe). We decided to stay there until the school over... I had nothing to do instead of playing offline games :(

Suddenly, a friend from school called one of my friend who went out with us. She said that The principal is going to catch us! >.< Some of my friends were panic and decided to went away from the cybercafe to the other place. I was still on my seat, calm, and continue playing the games.. I saw none of my friends woke up from their seats, so I didn't bother.
After some time, suddenly, all of my friends started to run out from the cybercafe. I was so panic too, they were trying to run away! On that time we still had time to continue to use the computer :(

So, I ran out too.. ALL of us ran out with no direction. Some of us decided to go back by LRT or going somewhere else except school! My friend, my brother, and I decided to go back to the Coffee shop because some my friends are there.. We were playing games.., laughing, talking, and had fun actually :) Nobody were trying to catch us _ _'' In the beginning, I was not too sure that the principle will try to get us back to school ... we felt relieved xP

Me and my brother went back home around 1.50 p.m. by LRT and BUS, stop at a mall and had lunch for a while at MC D..~ After that we went back home~ :D

I'm happy too because I just called one of my best friend! I spent a lot for it, but it made me sooo happy to hear her voice and had a long conversation with her! ^^

Ok that's all that I'm going to share today. Good Night! :)