Play With Words

I wish everyone a nice weekend!

It's been a while since I last hanged out with my sister and her husband during the weekend. Today we had a chance to go out together. I decided to wear something simple today, and I wore my blazer, I was feeling Hot even though I was inside a building. That shows how hot the weather here. I did a heavy eye make up today, a thicker eye liner, which I did most of the time, but today was even thicker, put a light eye shadow and added another false eyelashes and lipstick for my lips. Currently, I'm into lipsticks and have collected a few, like red, lavender, peach, etc.
About the title of this post, it's related to my advertising project which makes me think and have to play with words. That's what I'm lacking with. Besides, I also watch a lot of dramas for the most of my time during day time. It makes me getting lazy to do my assignments, I just want to graduate soon.