tian zi fang

scenery in Tian Zi Fang

it's cute boxes

2 pots of flower in front of a shop in Tian Zi Fang

what I had yesterday for lunch at my friend's campus

My second week in Shanghai has passed. I enjoy living in Shanghai more and more now. I explore and get to know more about Shanghai, though I have been to many places in Shanghai before. I often go out for a long walk (when I says long I mean it) after my chinese class. I walk and ride bus / busway from a place to another place, and sometimes getting lost, that'a how I explore. Last Tuesday, I went to Tian Zi Fang with a friend of mine and we walked a lot, I got to take a few photos to share. Tian Zi Fang is where all the artistic items and places are. Unique in its architecture by maintaining the old style buildings for every shops and cafes. It's a nice place to have a walk and a small gathering with friends or a tourist place for taking photos.

I enjoy going to any places, but the scorching sun just make me want to rest or get sleepy sometimes, but I still do it anyway. I probably will get tanned soon. I often put my legs in pain, especially my calf due to excessive amount of walk. They say I will get used to it soon. It is so different from my hometown that people are riding cars to everywhere they go.

Have a great weekend!