This Week Wrap-up

It's mid of July right now, I thought the weather was going to get hotter this month. It was bad at the beginning of the month, like a week ago, but this week was starting to rain again. I can't understand the weather, it can rain and sunny at anytime. Even though an extreme hot weather just happened for a day or two, I already got a little tanned. I can't imagine August. I just need to get ready at anytime. I have to carry many things every time I go out. I have to bring sunglasses, sunscreen protection lotion, hand cream, umbrella, etc. I hate carrying many things, it cause me easily get shoulder pain.

Other things happened this week, I went to one of famous place to eat fried xiao long bao, it's called sheng jian (生煎) in Shanghai. It was located at Nanjing Xi lu. I love fried dumpling more than xiao long bao. I recommend everyone to try sheng jian in Shanghai. And today, I went to Xin Tian Di with my friends. I went to the shopping mall, since it was raining heavily outside. This is what I wear recently, a casual outfit with flat shoes. I want to be comfortable while I go to many places. Thanks to my friend who helped me to take photos of me. Another thing, I just bought a new bag (as you can see me carrying on the photos) It has a good space for a Dslr camera too, I especially searched this bag for that reason. I hope I will bring camera more often.

have a great weekend!

top and shoes - mango
sheng jian (生煎)

A meal that I had 2 weeks ago