Dinner Blast - KL

I'm making this post from KL. It's my 4th day in KL, It feels like just yesterday I just arrived. The day is getting closer to leave soon. I have been eating a lot of great food that I missed the most and I made some dishes too, I have my nephew come over everyday and he is so cute. Other than that, I tried some new restaurants too. This time I went to Bangsar with my family, my sister introduced me to eat there. The first place that I went is called Ben's General Food Store. It's a restaurant that served western food, the main menu are pizza and salad. They have plenty types of salad and pizza, all of them are yummy, thin and crunchy, perfect! We ordered a plate of salad, 3 different flavour of pizza, and a plate of penne. The price is reasonable but not overprice. 

I'll let the photos explain more...

Funghi Pizza (I thought the taste would be weird, but this taste great!)

a healthy penne

After we walked around for a while, We went to have some dessert. Again, my sister told me to try a red velvet cake at Bisou, and I must admit that it's one taste great! I also tried a slice of rainbow cake, I called that rainbow cake because of its colour, but the real name is "Dream Come True" (maybe that's why there is a cloud shape at the top of the cake). It taste better that the last rainbow cake that I tried at my hometown. 

Ben's General Food Store 
Location : Bangsar Village | G17 &  G18, Ground Floor
Website : http://www.thebiggroup.co/

Bisou Bake Shop  
Location : Bangsar Village | F-30, first floor 
Website :  http://www.bisou.com.my/