The Last Girls Night Out

Friday Afternoon...
tteokbokki with ham!

I made a lot! I heard the leftover were enough for her midnight snack and breakfast on the next day.

Friday Night...

Totally in love with this cheese and salmon pasta. I was craving for pasta when I had it.

bolognese pizza! 

I wore a diy white top and a diy skirt. It's just a simple white top. The reason I made it is I like the think and light material and my mom helped me do the finishing for the skirt.

As what the title says, I went to have a little gathering with my close friends. I went to my friend's house yesterday afternoon. My friend wanted me to cook tteokbokki (korean rice cake) and kimbab (korean sushi). So I made it for her, she said it was delicious. I was satisfied with the taste too. The sauce that we bought was perfect with our taste!

At night. We went to a shopping mall to have dinner together at a restaurant called Kirkos Restaurant and Bar. There were 5 of us, after the dinner we went to karaoke and we sang for two hours. It was an awesome night and will be the last too, I'll be going to KL today in the evening. The reason why is because I will start to study again. I will stay in KL for 5 days and will go to Shanghai from there. I'm going to take chinese language for 2 months and after a short break I will start to be a fashion design student. It doesn't mean I don't like graphic design, I love both. :)
Excited? I am! and a little bit nervous, no, not now. When they day has come closer. Okay, I need to wrap this up. I haven't finish packing. Have a great weekend, everyone!