I wish my fringe will grow faster

Today I spent a couple hours in downtown with my sister and brother in law. We went to KLCC to have lunch and sat down at DOME, we sat outdoor. Today's weather was very hot in the afternoon, I hardly opened my eyes and the heat was just above me. And now (in the evening), it's raining. This kind of weather happens very often in Malaysia. I just wish to have a windy weather.

So, I only have around 4 weeks to go till my break. I just wish that I can push myself harder to do the essays. Nothing fun will happen this semester, there will be no design work for me to do. *sad. I'll just do something that I like during my spare time when I finish my essays.

I don't really like my current fringe, it's pretty bad, not too long and not short. I wait for it to grow long like how I used to have. That's why I clipped my fringe to the back.

current facts:
I love chiffon material since I don't know when. and today I wore a chiffon top and denim shorts
I accidentally scratched my tights, it torn quite long.

thanks to my brother in law for helping me to take all of these pictures, I hate to use tripod at home when there is not enough light. Next time, I'll use tripod only when there's light go in to my condo... I will! :)

DSC_3916- copy






sweet cakes
these cakes are adorable..!

IMG-20110213-00233 copy
I ate this cute ribbon shape pasta for dinner. made by my brother in law. he is a good chef when it comes to western food!