A Few Goals Before end of the Year

Hello, I just arrived in KL again yesterday night. I feel each day is getting faster. I will be back in Shanghai in 3 days and just right 2 days after that, I will be starting my first day of school as a fashion design student. I feel excited to start a new college life!
And since the this year is going to end in just 3 months, I have some goals that I want to achieve before end of the year. By putting down some goals, I want to be more motivated to accomplish them, work harder and stick to the goals.

1. pratice illustration - I want to get better in illustration and experiment, try different ways doing it.
2. cook and eat healthy - Yes, I miss cooking since 2 months ago when I had my summer course. But I start to cook again, I promise to cook more healthy meals and back to a healthy lifestyle.
3. project on going -  I'm doing my own project, I hope I can be consistent in doing it.
4. blog more often - I know I have been blogging less for a few months. I hope I will blog more often. I'll blog more with my daily outfits (I hardly done it these past weeks), fashion, my life and more inspiring things.
5. decorate house - I'll be moving soon in Shanghai, I want to make a more inspiring living space. 
6. read 2 books - Illustration now and Fashion now, these 2 books at least. or more is even better.
7. print out photos - I hardly print out photos since a long time ago. I'm going to print some good photos  that I took and framed it.

Once I arrived in KL, the first thing I did this morning was cooking. I cooked kimchi fried rice for the whole family. This time I put on cheese and let it melted on top of the fried rice. yummy.