Home Sweet Home

5 days in KL has gone in a blink. I just arrived in my hometown yesterday night. Glad to meet my family again. When I was in KL, I spent all of my time with my brother, my sister, and my nephew. My sister brought me to some new places, new shopping mall and restaurant & cafe. I ate almost everything that I miss eating in KL, this time is like a culinary trip. There was one day I made sandwiches for everyone. I miss to be in the kitchen, making food and serving it for family. And also, I bought some magazines (this is like an every month routine) and 2 art books. I can't wait to read through these books.

Book shopping in KL - glamour uk  - illustration now 3 - fashion now

Tuna Toast that I made the other day

Making it for everyone

left - my first meal in KL, having mexican food // right - my last meal with brother, having HK food

1. Hot chocolate - at plan B
2. Quiche. I love the salad
3. Spaghetti Carbonara
4. Spaghetti with mushroom
5. Quesadilla - had mexican food!
6. Flatwhite coffee