A Quick One

I am posting from KL! I can't believe I am no longer taking summer chinese course. Yesterday was my last class. And today I already at another country. I can't believe 2 months have passed.
I still remembered the day I was excited to attend the first day of class, the day I made friends, hanged out everyday, and the day I went to a higher level class.. Now I am having a short break. I have around 3 weeks before I go back to Shanghai and start a new college life. I think the time will be even quicker this time, I have a list of things to settle. Hope everything will go smoothly before the orientation day. I will enjoy my short break happily!

I'm sharing some photos that I've taken with my instagram within the 2 months in Shanghai. These photos will tell my daily life in Shanghai. Mostly are food photos because the summer weather in Shanghai is extremely hot (I mean it) and each day I usually walked a long distant. Because of the heat, I couldn't stop to capture scenery photos, I tend to walk faster when it's very hot. I barely take my own photos too. Instead, I took many yummy photos! enjoy!

1. French fries with kaya toast (I missed it when I was in Shanghai).
2. Honeymoon dessert.
3. I made kimbab for breakfast with instant cappuccino.
4. Scenery
5. Honey Toast from a japanese cafe.
6. Loco Moco from the same japanese cafe.
7. My favorite at Starbucks - Blueberry Cupcake.
8. During class - pocky and tea.
9. At a HK restaurant - getting my favorite meal Yuanyang / yingyong (Coffee and tea) I was craving for it badly. Hk style instant noodle with beef and broccoli.
10. I'm ready to depart from Pudong International airport. (taken today in the morning).

Have a great weekend!