2666 Library

Like what I promised on my previous post, I'm going to share about a place that I went to last Monday. I went to a little library called 2666, it is located at West Nanjing Area. Since my friend and I were going there for the first time, we were quite lost. We found that the area is actually like a normal netizen's housing area. I was fascinated by the old style housing area that exist in an elite district. So, I heard that this little library name is based on a book with the same tittle (like in the photo bellow). It's a cozy little place with various books. Though it's just a little library, the owner really pay attention to the interior, how they located the books and organize the other little things. I was there to prepare my speaking test, my friend and I stayed for a few hours before we left. The library also serve coffee / tea or other little beverage.
For those who lives in a long period in Shanghai, don't hesitate to drop by to this little library.

a book tittle and the same name for  the library

spotted Audrey Hepburn, too bad it was in chinese

cozy sofa , and the front door of this little library