Grey Hearts

Hi~! Finally I'm back to hometown last Monday. I've done my presentation on last Friday and I hanged out with classmates afterwards :) Just too excited to be here last week and I'm here now. I just don't have any plans on what am I going to do. Most of my friends has gone, either they have to attend the university's orientation or they need to get ready to go overseas for university, and here I am stuck at home for most of the time. I just don't have anything to do YET. I'll think about it later. I was going to plan to go overseas with my mom, but too bad there are no travels/tours open this month. So, each day I just looking for food, food, and food, I miss the food here. Then I just take care of my niece at my house~ Cute Lil Niece :)

after the presentation. last friday.

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all the girls
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classmates and lecturer (all is wearing black!)

one week after that. At my hometown, Surabaya. Yesterday, I just went to a shopping mall looking for clothes and in the end we just ate a lot of food.~ haha nothing much that we could do. 
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vintage necklace - forever21, legging - mango, heels - charles&keith, heart pattern shirt - zara, bag - Gucci.
this shirt can be wear in two ways. inner and outer gives different colour (black and grey) oh~ nice and multifunction and I just knew it yesterday after I bought it for weeks.
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Love the Details <3
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my friend.. lots of potatoes~! she's a potato lovers!

and one more. Thanks to Wifina for the award~!

HAPPY HOLIDAY for me :) and for ALL OF YOU who's still on holiday! :))