Sweet Home

my dog, pucca :p Finally I can take a pic of her!

Hi! It has been a week I stayed in my hometown. So far, I had fun meeting my old friends. These few days, I had some activities to do too. I took driving tuition. I don't know how to drive at all. Even now, I'm not really good at it, I still need to practice more. I will make a driving license soon! I also don't know when I'm going to drive again... But, hope one day I will really really use it. I drive myself. But I prefer to sit on the passenger seats. hehehe.
And I also go exercise.. I'm planning to lose weight, but I always failed. I never do it properly. I really love my hometown because of the food, LOL.

I met my niece and she's growing a lot now! Look! How cute she is!

mom and niece :)

I don't really go out a lot on the day.. I rarely go out with my close friends. I just hang out with a bunch of friends. Like yesterday, I went to a waterpark (Ciputra Waterpark). That was my first time to go there, though the place is still in this city and it's not something new. I went there around 4 p.m. and on that time was raining a lot! So, I just continued to had fun there with the raining pouring hardly. There was 11 of us.

After that, at night, I went to my friend's farewell party. He is going to move to Jakarta this week. I met lots of my junior high school's friends.. I was happy at that time, though I was really tired after swimming.

and Now, I'm at home again, I feel so bored. I'm waiting for someone to ask me out or someone calls me. I called my close friends and she was sleeping :'(

Till next time...