Say BYE to KL for awhile and Scenery from my condo.


This morning I just went back from my sister's apartment to my condo. I just need to pack some stuff, Final packing. For now, I shouldn't forget anything that I need to bring back to my hometown. Yes, I will be back tomorrow and I'm so Happy about that. I already miss my hometown, my family, and my friends. I miss them a lot. I will leave by 5 p.m. flight to Surabaya tomorrow.

While I'm waiting for my sister to fetch me, I captured some pictures that I can catch from my condo. Isn't that bad actually, but I also don't really amaze by that too much. I've been seen this scenery for 10 years. with a few changes here and there. I captured all of these from my balcony with my mom's digital camera. Not a good one. I need more professional camera soon!! any recommendation for DSLR camera? I'm looking forward for the recommendation!



first, This is Sunway Lagoon resort hotel. beside it will be sunway pyramid mall. These area have a lake, a waterpark arena, and a theme park. Exactly where the waterpark is usually they use it for concerts. Like MTV concert, Black eyed peas, and Akon in this year 2009.


At the left side, This is my College where I go for study in this few months. The college isn't that big, they still on planning to build some new buildings. The pointed one is one of the new building. I'm going to move there for next year. It's really really near from my condo. I just need to walk 5 minutes from 22nd floor condo to my class.. But next time I need to count back the time! It's getting a bit longer, I guess. The classrooms that I use to go are going to be demolished.


Last, When I look down, I can see the swimming pools and BBQ place.

I have some things that I need to get soon soon soon! hehe
- DSLR camera
- new ipod, I broke mine for a long time ago.
- a hardisk
- CS4 software
- SHOPPING a lot of things.. SALE in my hometown.

Then, I need to have plans for what I'm going to do for Christmas and New Year eve.. I want something memorable that I can do. Nothing much in my hometown. I don't really find any Christmas feeling. Not really. Just a few decorations usually in some shopping malls.

When I'm back in my hometown, I will be rarely browsing, The computer in my home isn't convenience, That makes me lazy to open the computer. But still, I'll try to update as much as I can! :D I'll try to share as much as I can.

Till next time :))
Have a very nice weekend! :D