SUSHI After so long and gathering with friends :)

Yesterday Night I had a very good sleep... I slept well and that was good enough :)
I woke up this morning because of my sister was cleaning the house, quite noisy.. Then I just took oat meal with fresh milk.. That was not enough then I took 2 crackers and I put the cheese and prawn seasoning ;9 yumss great breakfast. In the noon I made SUSHI.. More to korean style.. mix.. I think hehe.. AFter so long. I just made it because I just bought the new equipment for making sushi.. The long box that work for pressing the sushi.. SO, it's easier for making the sushi to look solid.

I made the sushi for me and my sister. Just the two of us. It's quite a lot.. We couldn't finish it. I could made 3 rolls and I cut it into 10 pieces. A lot. So, it's 15 pieces per person... I ate around 12? hehehe A lot! I know.. :D

I know they are untidy. I made the sushi with just a normal rice. I was wasting a kilo of short grain rice and I won't do it again. and just go with normal one :D

Then I went to meet my high school friends. It was fun to meet my friends :) Never met them for more than 3 months.. We went to had dinner in a buffet steamboat place..

umm, I'm thinking on growing my front hair. I don't want any fringe again.. but it takes a long time to grow this hair.. Sometimes I got annoyed by it, I can't see properly because it covers my eyes. I want some opinion, Will I look good without fringe? Or should I cut it?

This pic has taken yesterday. My front hair is still like this short.
the glasses that I'm wearing are fake.

till next time..