Say hello To Holiday! :D

Say Hello To Holiday!

Today is my first day of my sem break ! :D I'm going to spend my holiday in KL for a week, and next week I'm going to go back to Hometown!! I already think about food that I want to eat !!! :p yeah, FOOD.. hehe.. It's normal, I love my country's food! :D

Starting from today, I'm going to live in my sister's house.. At least I'm not home alone, my brother went back to hometown yesterday.,, lucky for him!

This morning, Me and my sister were going to have breakfast.. But we were unlucky, We don;t get space to park in some places.. KL is too crowded with cars :( At the end I just ate lunch in Italiannies.. yummyy ;9 I had enough REST today. Really relaxing! :)) Nothing to think and worry about .. No More worry.. Happy Holiday for me! :)

I just hope in this December Holiday , I can get something more special than the last 2 years. Especially On NEW YEAR...!!! I was just having dinner with family at the same restaurant near my house for 2 years and went back home. and that's IT! No fireworks, party, or even gathering with family or friends. It was just too plain and sad.. This year, hope these won't be repeated again..

my family was thinking to go to BALI. since all of us never been to Bali for a long time. ANd I don;t know How's the plan going. :( I don't need something luxury.. I just don't want to be at home and do nothing. :(

Till next time everybody. I will try to post more often.. Since I have nothing to do :) hope your day is wonderful!