Presentation Isn't that bad and Nostalgia..

Finally I just finished my last presentation yesterday!
I'm very happy and relief!

Time really flies! I just felt so stressed out last week and now I already did everything! And also, I just finished my first semester!

I'd like to share about yesterday.
a day before yesterday:
I was doing my last assignment 'typo sculpture' and I was still sick at that time. Coughing a lot since a week before, I had fever for 3 days and I was still doing assignments. And at night I could finished my last assignment at around 11.00 pm. Then I was so worried bout the presentation on the next day, I don't know what to say and I was so worried. I'm not confident enough. So, I decided to type all of things that I'm going to say on the presentation and printed it out. Thanks to him, already accompanied me until I finished everything. At night, I pray to God, I prayed for my throat to get better and for giving me confidence. after that I just try to calm myself and do my best!

On the Day:
I woke up early and prayed, Then I prepared everything that I should bring. It was raining and cold outside, I was preparing myself. dressed up formally, not really formal actually, just a long sleeve shirt. I went out early, I met my friend and set up everything like an exhibition on table in a room. I was still nervous, I look at the time it's already 9 and the class still a bit empty. some of my friends never shown up on that day. So, Around 9.40, 4 lecturers came in and we started the presentation according to the name on the list. wait and wait until my turn, that wasn't that bad like how I thought before. I was too frightened, I thought it's gonna be difficult.
Until my turn, I started to greet all the lecturers and started to present all of my works and it was done fast! though my pronunciation wasn't that good, one of the reason maybe because of I was talking too fast. Then all the lecturers were giving comments on my work. Mostly are positive from them, then I feel so relief! I've done everything... :))

she's my computer graphic teacher. SHe's really good but she's going to leave next year. :( This is my first and last picture with her.

Actually that wasn't that bad.. I will try to do my best everytime and Keep it Up! always! :)
I looked back, The time when I suffered and down, it was worth for this current HAPPINESS.

I was still new, I can't even talk much, I was sick on my presentation day, I wore a mask.. I felt weird and everything around me were strangers for me. Until I met a new friend one by one and started to get to know each other. I found one among them that I can click with, we always together out and in the class :p hehe.. She was my only friend.. Thank God for sending her to me :) I'm going to miss u, my friend when we both went back to hometown.

The college life begun and it was different at first, I wasn't enjoy at all. Day by day I'm getting better.. everybody surround me always support me :)) I feel This is what I want! :) though I feel down sometimes, but at last, I've done it! Without HIM, I will never can get to this step!

I will post some of my artwork..
This time I promise :)

to be continue ....