New Bee in TUMBLR! ~

Hey!! It's been a while. I know, I rarely post anything this month. this is my second post for November! Poor my blog ... hehe
I've been busy with the school activities. I had a bunch of assignments. I got lack of sleep and stressed out.. I need to think a lot, my brain needs to work hard.. This isn't the end. I still have 2 to go! Till next week my exams are going to start and the presentation day is just at the corner.
Wish Me Luck! And I'll try my BEST! :D

Yesterday I just Joined Tumblr! VIsit me in Tumblr. - click

These days, I feel so sick*, I had no MOOD to do anything about school! I just feel tired to get more work to do.. Ya, I know I'm too emotional. I am, an emotional person. I can't hide this.. that's my bad side... I just wanted to Scream "ENOUGH!!! I want all of these days to be over soon and get back to a happy and normal life.." And everytime I get this feeling, I really cant do anything not even wake up from my bed. I will be very sad the whole day.. haha Kinda stupid right? :p Then I will miss HOME... Miss My friends at my hometown..

Today, I get back to my bad habit.. I emotionally not in the mood to do anything... Stayed in my room for almost the whole day after I went back from campus. I slept for more than an hour and had dinner.. Screwed these days. I become worried in this and that... Insecure at all.

I want to get better, Hope I will. :))
till next time