Hey! It's been a very long time since I last wrote here. I am so sorry. I've been so busy these few weeks. The time is running and assignments were given a lot for the final projects.. AND so, I has no time to update and write here. My life were so plain and monotonous, not many interesting things that happened around me. Lots of hours were used to think and do assignments!

I've been so stressed with this kind of schedule.Of course, I do, Maybe because of this is my first time to feel this kind of hectic days at the end of the semester. Time flies, I felt Like I just came to this school as a new students, Just felt so lonely and everything were odd.. and slowly I became used to what's happening in college and get to know more people, and gained more experience too. :)

Hah, Now what is bothering me is.. Assignments deadline, Tests are coming soon and presentation day. I hate presentation. HAH! DOn't know what should I do on the day.. *Panic... I don't like to present something and I'm not good at talking. :(( I need to present my works. SOme of my works that have been done one by one and explained all one by one. hmph*! This will be go on for the next semesters too and the rest of my life as designer. (....)

OK , let's stop talking about school! I'm tired about school.

WHat movies are good recently? I watched MJ's movie and It was good! :)) I'm in love the duet part between MJ and Judith ! Love it!! :D really want to get the Song! But I could not find. :( The next Movies that I want to watch is 2012, New Moon, NINja Assassin, and So on. :))

I want to get rid of these school things ... These will be end on 3rd of December. But I'll be back to my hometown on 12th :( I booked the tickets before knowing the real exams schedule TT Hope AT that few days time I can enjoy my holiday here :) Still don't know what will I do at that time...

ahh KL is raining EVERYDAY!! Rain a lot! everyday is cold, wet, dark, and gloomy! :( hemmm..
That's all for today,
I think, I'll be away for 2 weeks again.. until I finished my exams and assignments..
Hope You guys enjoy ur day! :DD