Happy Halloween! :B

First of all I wanna say Happy Halloween! :B
I didn't really celebrate halloween this year.. unlike what I did last year as a senior high school student. I more consider this weekend and a normal weekend, nothing special hehe.

Yesterday, I went to Pavilion to have some shopping day with my sister. I bought a sleeveless dress and a simple blazer that I've been looking for a long time. I love it and I would like to wear it soon :)) on Thursday, I went to an ART Gallery with classmates and some seniors and lecturers. I had fun and bored at the same time hehe. That was my first time to go to a ART Gallery actually :))

Today, on the Halloween day, I went to watch a movie with my friend. We watched "The Time Traveler's Wife". A very nice movie! I love this movie. It's romantic, funny, and sad at the same time. but this movie is more to a romantic scene.
This movie is about a normal woman married with a time traveler's Man. He could travel from the future to the past. He traveled from the future and met a little girl in the past which is his wife in the future.. After they met in the future as a mature people, they got married. The man is still become a traveler from one time to another time. There are sad things and happy things that happened in their marriage.

anyway, I really recommend this movie to you! This movie will become one of my fav movie! :D

I feel like the time "flies", don't you feel the same thing? Christmas and New Year are approaching soon! and another a year older. My exam and presentation day is also coming soon. Can't imagine that day is just at the corner! So, what.. I just try to calm myself, enjoy everyday that I just went through. Never look back, learn from my mistakes, LIVE must GO ON! :) I'll be so busy these weeks.. Lots of things are going on.

I hope all of you have a good day everyday!