Happy Sunday!

it's 12 o'clock in the afternoon now... I'm sitting in the living room.. with my laptop in front of me and the window open.. I can feel the wind is coming in to the room, it is cooling and relaxing.

This morning I went down to the Japanese cafe with my sister. We had breakfast together. I had tuna sandwich with mango yoghurt and my sister had bread toast and a cup of coffee. The owner of the shop is a Japanese (a couple). They served everything by themselves and they also have some maids helping them too. The owner makes the bread, they have sell some japanese breads.. It's fresh and yummy everyday :) Besides that, there are others menu. like spaghetti and japanese chicken katsu curry.. I like it the curry the most!! too bad I still having a sore throat.. :(

After this, I'm going to go to downtown. I guess.. :) Happy! At least, I won't be at home and do nothing :) I'll try to get more fun and enjoying this holiday so much!

Besides that, I will not let my holiday gonna be useless.. I will make a list for things that I want to achieve in this holiday, so I'm not going thru this holiday without do anything useful.. Then I will make a list about what things that I'm going to do when I go back to hometown. especially food! I miss my home country's food so much!!

The time is getting slower and slower here.. I'm waiting for Saturday to come!! SOon! hehe..
till next time. Happy SUnday!! :D

I'm not going to leave forever
Just for awhile
Back to my hometown
I'll be fine there
You must be fine too
You Must have fun
Spent you day with your beloved
Don't Sleep late too often
Be Healthy