Get ready for the new year!

Hey, these few days I didn't do any post because I didn't do anything special these few days. I didn't do much too. Most of the time I stayed at home and sometimes I went out for a while.

And Yesterday night, I was writing down all the lists that I want to get or I can say that as My GOALS in 2010. I wrote down all things that I really want to change and get in 2010.
Have you think on what are you going to achieve for the New Year?

In this year 2009, I already went through a lot. As I'm getting older I faced many things. I learned from what I've been gone through in this year. Good, bad, happy, and sad. Everything that is good I wanted to keep it up and everything bad I just want to learn from it and forget the bad things. Live must go on!!!

I <3


Sweden will be good. I get enough on just looking from pictures that my sis took, and from her stories. I really want to experience it by myself.

and my goal that I already failed in 2009, Losing weight. Most girls problem.
I think to start to get my own money.. That will be very nice. Hope it's going to come true in the new year. Spend more time with family, getting closer and sharing more LOVE. And the most important thing, getting closer to God. Can't live without HIM. He is the first, I really thankful for His blessed to me and my family through this year.

I hate reading, that's bad. Hope I can read more to learn more and get more knowledge. And I usually don't have much confident, I want this to be change. I know it starts from myself, I'll try my best..

Ah, and for my blog, I have a dream on making it more known by people. At first,I do blogging is just to spend my spare time, for me to have something to do while I'm free. BUt By looking at people comments and people following my blog it's really making me happy and more excited to write. Thank to all of you! :)

Hope all of you already think for the target and wish you all the best in 2010! :)