May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace...

The gladness of Christmas give you hope...
The warmth of Christmas grant you love...


Today, people all over the world is celebrating Jesus' Birth! And so do I and you.
Yesterday, a day before christmas I went to church at around 9 p.m., I was blessed by attending that event. We were singing some christmas songs that I really miss and I almost forgotten. Then at the end of the session, there is a talented man from Papua, he is Frans Sisir (sisir means comb). That is not his real name, but that is what usually people call him. God really gives him an extraordinary talents. He has a good voice and he can play a saxophone with that a piece of comb and plastic. It might be impossible, but it's real. Me and my brother couldn't believe at first. I searched for his performance in youtube and this is what I get. You guys, can listen and have a look.
wait until minute 3.44

I just went back from Church this morning, I still don't know what else can I do later.

After all, I wish you all a Happy Christmas Day!

God Bless!!!