Counting The Time Till Christmas Day!

A few days before Christmas and I did nothing..
I just wait for the day to come
And I feel nothing..

I'm still sick, cough and flu.. still.. I don't get any excitement on welcoming the Christmas day. I know there will be nothing special will come to me. I mean, I don't have any special celebration for this. I'll just go to church with family... Maybe that's enough. but, I'm too greedy. :p hehe. I shouldn't think that way..

Ok, These few days, I look through blogs, and some websites, through people conversation, and the other things, they're all talking about Christmas that while be coming soon. So, Today I was staying almost the whole day at home. Except at night, I went to had a dinner with family. And just now, I had a short conversation which ended disappointing. That made me sad. Forger bout this.

This afternoon, I was dreaming about what kind of Christmas celebration that really make my day perfect! Let's dream together.. Think bout yours too.. :)

My Christmas day will be perfect if I can spend the day with my beloved.. future boyfriend, friends, and family :)
Spending the night in a 4 seasons Country, Having a cup of tea in a Cafe... Having a chit chat, feel warm and close to each other. A window side seats will be great. Look at people outside the window. The Full decorated Cafe can make the people inside change the bad mood in to a good mood, smell the sweetness of cookies, and listen to the Christmas songs. The Christmas eve feeling is shown. And then, Walk through the street with a lot of people, a lot of lights, and Christmas Tree. There must a be a little snow too. Smile faces are there, There are no sad faces anymore. All of people around is smiling to us and shout "Merry Christmas!!!" to you. We will say back to them with a big of excitement. Then, Going to Church together and pray.. Feel Thankful about everything. I don't need presents. I need peacefulness..

haha, That's just my imagination. and It will be great if it comes true :) The thing that I can do at the present is just Going to church. :) I can't see any different within a Christmas event and a normal day in my hometown or home country. I do have a plan tomorrow, I'm going to watch a movie with a friend of mine. Hope this will be fun...

Anyway, I wish you guy have a very GOOD day on Christmas day! :D