First time joining a Korean Class :D

Today I had a morning class, today was a really tiring day. I had drawing class for 4 hours, today's drawing class was a bit "shocking" because the lecturer is changed now.. I had 2 lecturers and the way they teach is different from the previous one. Usually, The previous lecturer never asked us to finished the class assignments in the class and today the lecturers asked us to finish it on the day.. And ... I need to bring all the assignments that I've done before next week, which some of it, I haven't finish till now! Ahh~ Lots of things to do this week. really.. I have assignments from other lecturers too. After an hour break, I had computer class and another assignments brief were given. After that, I went to have some tea time with friends (bubble tea) for one and a half hour.

Then I continued to Korean Class! hehe I went there for the first time.. :D It was really fun! The teacher is a Korean and she is good and pretty too :)) I really interested in learning Korean for a long time ago, I've learnt by myself by reading a small pocket dictionary, asked my korean friends, and watching drama/variety. hehe :)) SO, I already had a little of the basic, I can read :D

Me, Joe, and Adeline were sitting at the same row hehe.. We were the best group like what the teacher said! hehe Joee is really good in Korean, she has learnt before and we were asked to read and we did nicely ! :D hehe It is good that we hv the basic. :) The class was so fun! I really like it and getting more excited! hehe Then we learnt the common kids song "3 bears" (곰세마리Gom se ma ri) I am sure you have heard this song from korean drama like FULL HOUSE hehe.

Today I wore a bit formal (for me) hehe , I rarely wear long sleeves shirt .. I feel like I am going for interview, hehe

mom's shirt// old jeans (it is too big for me now)// yellow wedges that I love :D

this week will be a very busy week for me.. ! ha~!
oh ya, the weather these days is really bad in KL! sometime its raining sometimes its hot/ windy. I easily get my body warm, and feel weak. Just want to remind all of you to take care of your body, eat properly, get enough rest, and stay healthy! ^^