Hi! :) I've been away from blogging for a few days .. These days I've been busy with the Kolam design as I said in my previous post. It was fun and very tiring at the same time. I met my seniors that I've never seen them before at school. (it sounds strange rite?) hehe.. BUt they are so friendly. and I am soo "cold"/ too quiet... x(

I won't comment anything bout this design ok.. X) these are some pics.. just a little explanation, if you've never seen Kolam design, This is made of dyed rice (A few different colours). Usually it just made of rice. but this kolam is different there are:- Dyed rice, brown rice, coffee beans, and coffee powder (which is really2 smells good! though I hate coffee), flower petals, and there are some fruits (I don't know what is this for).

on process
I was kneeling so muchat that time.. My legs still on pain now.. :(

joee and the coffee powder

so precise...

this is at the end of the 1st day
the second day,It was changed a little..

at The first day, after we finished, Me and Joee went to watch 500 days of Summer. The movie was quite funny and have a good ending...
before that, I saw the 3 chipmunks figures in the cinema. they are sooo cute.. I am waiting for the CHipmunks 2! hehe

me and Alvin

joee and the 3 chipmunks!

well, I am waiting for a variety show now.. (2days 1 night).. :)
Another DIY is coming to my blog soon!
have a good night