my holiday!

Umm.~~ I am on my holiday now,. I feel so bored this time... But I have a lot of homework given too.. These day I just downloaded some drama and watch.. I recently watch My Fair Lady/ Lady Castle.. The drama is getting interesting in every episodes. You should watch this drama! hehe

Today I met one of my friend.. SO this is what I wore today :)

pink t-shirt Forever 21
Ice cream accessory china
shorts GAP
shoes NOSE

i am happy because finally my friend is coming back here.. :) I won't be lonely again.. My brother always left me alone at home and he always hang out with his friends.. I am envy him that he got a lot of Indonesian friends.. hehe

Tomorrow I will be going to do Kolam Design for the whole day! YUhu!! I won't be at home.. haha~ I got things to do :)

Ok.. That's all for today.. I am going to do my homework and later on I'll meet my friend and we will be going out together for dinner :)

Have A nice Day!