YEY!!! hehe

YEY!! I'm happy today..!! Today is the last day of school! I have 4 days off again!! I'm happy for having a lot of public holiday! wahahaha..~~ But it doesn't mean I have nothing to do. Lots of assignments... Every subject has at least 1 assignment.. sigh**

I have things to share about!! It's all about my feelings currently..
You know,, I've got lots of pressure.. Lots of assignments to do everyday.. I has not enough sleep, sometimes I had insomnia.. Then I found out my hairs are falling quite a lot! Suddenly The hairs are just falling on the floor. can u imagine it? TT.TT Can someone give me a good solution to reduce or prevent this hair falling problems?. I don't eat so many fried food or junk food (I rarely eat that) I usually eat vegetables a lot.. Then on doing my assignments sometimes I feel so much pressure, but sometimes I do think it will be easy to do and not not forcing myself.. But I have not enough sleep and exhausted many times..

Yesterday and the day before I felt so frustrated! I had lots of works to do and I got angry easily and I ate a lot.. And yesterday was even worst! I had to do the sketches which is due on the next day (today) I had no ideas at all but Thank GOD I could finished it on time and produced at least a small result which makes me feel better now.. :)

Today's class was much better.. I watched the spanish movie called .... (something) labyrinth. It was a fantasy, it's a spanish movie. that was my 2nd time to watch spanish movie. That was during typography class. We supposed to do some work, but then the majority didn't bring the equipments, so then we cancelled it ... TT I was a bit in a bad mood cz I've prepared everything in my bag, and it was heavy to!! TT So it will be a homework (again)...

What do I usually do when I feel frustrated and stress?
first of all, I do listen to music from my hunny (mac) haha musics are lightened my mood! but not really 100%.. I feel much better after I listen to music. when I feel sleepy or weak I listen to a faster beat songs and when I need some inspire I listen to a slow songs, especially when I'm doing my work, hehe...
Then other than that, I chat sometimes with my friends.. but if i'm not in the mood, I do need to be alone then I won't chat. sometimes I browse the facebook too. haha~~
Anyways, I always try to control my mood.. no one else can help ourself in this kind of situation right? (controlling our own feelings) these are controlled by ourself.. Then Don't Forget to Pray.. Pray, having faith in HIM, trust HIM that He will make everything good for you.. And always remember, all the loads that happened to me IS NOT over my limit... ;)
Try to enjoy in every single things that you are doing. Time won't go back again..