More and more works~ T.T

This is my 2nd week.. More works than last week..!! I couldn't sleep last night because my mind was thinking on doing the work on and on.. Now I feel sooooo sleepy!!! I yawn several times while i'm writing this... sigh**!!!! TT

I just want to finish my works fast which I know it is impossible to do it within a day.. But I still have tomorrow and Monday... Hope I will finish everything by the time the school start again.. I want to do my BEST in every Works that Have been given!! ^^

I do really love it!! <3>
Argh!! I confuse, bothered by the holiday.. I wonder whether I will get a week holiday for Hari Raya or not :( If yes, I have so many plans! I want to go to overseas for this holiday but still, I can;t decide it now :( I don't get any announcement. sigh*

Recently I watch My fair Lady/ Lady Castle (the other name) drama from KBS.. It looks nice!! hehehe I love it, I'm still on going till the 2nd episode :) The girl is Eun Hye from Princess Hours and Coffee Prince ;)
I recommend this drama., haha Romance comedy <3