Well.., This is my solution

Hey happy sunday everybody!! ^^
I know today is Sunday, it's suppose to be a holiday hehe, but for me it wasn't. This morning I went to school and stayed there for a few hours with Joee. We were doing our assignments.. But I just finished 1.. I still got more.. I couldn't think more.. I have no idea at all.. btw tomorrow is another day off, I should continue my hw..

After that, I went to a mall near my house...
I was freakin out bcz of my hairs are falling a lot, Horrible..!~~ Can't stand it any longer.. my mom always pushed me to cut my hair.. So, I just listened to her and cut my hair today.. my hair is really2 short nw.. looks like CL but mine is a bit longer. but still, I want my hair back!!! TT

I looked at myself in front of a mirror, I don't like to see it... :( I don't put my pics here... no, not yet... haha.. I don't have the mood on taking pic now.. so stressful because of my new hair.. I don't know how all of my friends and teachers will comment bout my new hair TT I look even more chubby now.. Oh GOD...~

I cut my hair in saloon at a mall.. I don't like the way they treat me...:
P: Are u Indonesian?
Me: Yes, how do u know?
P: Cz u can't speak chinese..
Me: (what the hell..) ohh ok.., my mom can speak..
P: how bout u?
Me: a little..

so what if I can't speak fluently.. I go there and I pay you right?? and btw I'm learning chinese before..,, Don't be so arrogant..
DOn't get shocked readers.. They are like that.. the people here, some of them and mostly are like that..

Ok. Have a good day!