Today is day 9 month 9 and year '09... :) did u realize that? hehehe

Special day! heuheue.. what did u guys do for today? or what are u guys going to do ? hehee...
For me, I went to watch Final Destination 4 with my friends after class :) The movie was a bit disgusting sometimes.. I sometimes covered my eyes with my hands haha.. x) (so embarrassed) hehe.. the movie was ok.. but so disgusting at some parts xP

I'm soo tired now. I'm sleepy, I didn't get enough rest these days and I have homeworks for 2moro's class. gotta do it fast so then I can rest..
2moro will be the last day of school. FIuh finally, the end of the week againn... :DD
I hope tomorrow's class will be interesting.. x)

Have a good day everybody! <3