the past is just a history

they were always with me, laughed together, gossiping together, and hanged out together
accompanied me most of the time
they were linked with me, they were all appreciated each other and respected each other..
I enjoyed the time when we were young and grown together
and suddenly the time had come, the time to make our decision and make our own way

The time when I was away, I was hoping that the time won't make any "gap" between us
I was hoping that the memories won't faded and still
I was hoping that all of your affection to me won't change
I was hoping that they still remember me
I was hoping that we will keep on touch
I was hoping that at least you guys said HI even though we don't really close again

Friends come and go, But the only friend which is the best among them will stay
I can't believe that anymore
the time has changed everything
They made new friends a lot, but I'm not
They were chatting to each other, and I know nothing

I feel lonely most of the time,
Maybe I'm wrong because I don't appreciate what has been given to me, the friends that around me now
I always look at people's life and envy them
I just looked at their pic's, how they grouped together and laugh
how to be happy and make everything fun

And I looked back to myself,
I don't get to be like that,
maybe my fate is to be like this.
sometimes I accept it.
but sometimes when I'm down
I don't have anybody to tell
I don't have anybody to know my feeling well

I wish that the real friend is on the way to me
I always pray to meet a good and nice person everyday,
and I get one which is the best and know my feeling well

I'm sorry my friends, but I can't trust you anymore
I was be patient and sincere to you
but I was getting hurt by your promises and your act towards me
but I can't stay it any longer
I need someone to know my feeling well, to encourage me, and bring a positive influence to me, and always remember me, and I will do so to you.
I hate betrayer and I won't be a betrayer.

sometimes I feel that I don't need them anymore cz I don't want to get hurt by this friendship
But I was wrong, I need them... and I love them, I care about them, and I always thinking of them, what are you doing? how do you in life? do you still remember me? These are always across in my mind.

Sometimes I realize that the future won't be the same as the time goes by,
there are time when they will meet their soulmate and forgetting me.
but always remember I won't forget you