pottery is fun!! xP

Hi everybody!! :)

Hemm~ It's midnite now, and my brother hasn't come back home yet.. he's watching midnite movie with his friend... ;p he left me alone at home. ckckkc~

Btw, I want to share what I've done today. it's quite fun today. I've got the spirit hahaa... I've got the spirit on doing my hw too. thx to my lovely friend who always accompany me on finishing my work :P

Today I went to a pottery workshop at school like what I've said before hehe. I did made ceramics hehe.. I mad some shapes and I made for my lovely mom too :) actually it's a secret! I won't tell my mom till it's done.. I mad special for her. hehhee hope the end result will be nice! hehe. I need to wait for a month till it's ready. cz it needs a long processes. It was reallly fun!! I want to learn more and makes so many shape things hehe

These were things that I made. I made a something like a plate and with initials MOM hehe and then I have that mickey thing on the top and the flowers I made by drawing on it hehe. one is for my mom ofcourse :)

after that pottery, I ate in the cafe in my condo, I introduced to my friend the food there. hehe.. she likes it so much! Then I was searching again for my typography hw.. and then I started to do it.. I almost done on it, I hope I did it correctly x) hehehe I had the spiriit to do work today! :) hope tomorrow also. I still have some some other hws too..

after that I ate dinner and watched twilight afterwards.. DVD.. my friend is addicted to twilight x) haha.. But it's ok.. hehe At night, I went to cafe again to had drinks... (yam cha) haha I had ice milo.. we were chattingm telling stories too.. ^^ The place was crowded. alot of people gathering to watch football. they were all screaming like crazy. I was a bit scared.. x) then I went back home, My friend accompanied me until I arrived home ^^
this is my new hair.. I haven't showed it ;p hehe now I posted it here. ^^ it's suppose to be straight but at that time I tied my hair hehe

I'm so tired.. my body is like goin to crack soon hahaa
hope tomorrow will be a nice dy....
c ya everybody!