Lazy SUnday

Happy sunday ! :)

Today is sunday, I feel so lazy and lazy to do my hw too :( Later, I guess, my eyes are sleepy ... hoah, I feel like to go shopping so much! so I just searched about stuffs that I want to get x) hehe. These are things that I want to have :

Chanel bag

printed tank. i want to have more tank top x) i has been inspired by 2ne1 hehe
this pic : from forever21

The Stones 1981 Tour Tee : forever21
I'm in love with graphic tees , simple and attractive

rings (flowers,etc)

shoulder pad blazer
acid wash jeans, ripped jeans, and studded stuff (shoes, clothes, etc) x)

and some make up stuff like new eyeliner, and lipstick.. and also nail polish (always, can't get enough bout nail polish) I usually buy nail polish and make up stuff at etude, faceshop, and elianto.

I've done with my typography hw! I guess.. cz I don't know whether I must fill in the whole paper or not. if yes, It will look so full, so abstract and people can hardly see and recognize it x)
hehe.. I'll show u next time when I'm in the mood on showing my work.

Actually I just realized that every time I go to the college, I look so clumsy and I dressed so casually and which is not me. It's because I don't have the confident to dressed more than that, and mostly I brought the casual and simple t shirts from my hometown x) and I need to walk to school so I don't think I need to wear nicely. I don't have the mood too.. these days I don't post anything in chictopia for more than a month. 2 months maybe.. :( I feel like to go shopping, but I have no money. later I'll work and get my own money that I can buy everything that I want :)
that's gonna be fun! ;p

and for shoes. I rarely buy shoes especially high heels, I don't dare to wear high heels for hanging out with friends, I feel awkward and I feel tall and huge :( mostly I wear flatshoes..

happy sunday! get ready for work tomorrow! ^^