Mom's birthday!

Happy Birthday MOM!

me and mom at italiannies

Today's class ended so early. I just need to get the approval about the sketches that i've been done and then that's it! hehe. but I was helping my friend today so I stayed a bit longer. After that i went to the mall to buy cake for mom all alone I was going by taxi... expensive.. I know and wasting money.. No choices..~
Oh ya.. I bought an ice cream cake.. from the baskin robins. it's our favorite flavor.. cookies and cream ;9 hehehe..
the cookies and cream ice cream birthday cake hehe

Today we celebrated mom's birthday just the 3 of, mom, brother..we went to eat at the Italianies restaurant, yumss~

Food! Food! Food!
These are pepperoni pizza, meatball spaghetti, and chicken caesar salad.

me at italiannies

now I need to do my HW.. perspective, I hate it! I'm bad at drawing it TT

Have a good day!