The beginning of Holiday! hehe

Happy Thursday! x)
Happy holiday too! For me and my friends haha.. Starting from tomorrow it's a holiday for me until next Tuesday (only) TT haha better than nothing!

Today's class was interesting during typography class... we went to the mac computer lab. I was having fun and learned something too hehe.. Then continued to the comp graphic class.. need to do my Earth day card fast!! it's due on the 1st Oct :( or next week I must be done on doing it.. but in class, I was chatting in MSN with my sister and Rinnie xP hehe.. :) MISS u rinnie! ^^ hehe

after school I went to the library to get some books for me to borrow :D hehe..~~ hope I will open and read it haha~ there are some books that still waiting for me to open and have a look haha.. my sister and mom was buying me 2 books too and then my sis were lending me her book too.. I haven't open it.. the books are all about graphic design and fashion. <3<3
these are from the library. I kinda like the 1st book. it's by MArk Oldach. I've seen this book before then today I took it back home hehe.. the 2nd book also I've seen and both are nice and inspiring.

These are from china, my mom brought it for me and my sis was searching the books for me.. Thanks a lot ~!

The other one is a secret! hehe

Haha, I was happy cz I just watched the movie "Tsunami at Hae Eun Dae" It's a nice movie! U guys must watch it! ehehehe , it's kinda funny and sad at the same time.. ~ I watched it with my mom.. Umm tomorrow most probably I'll go to the sungei wang with mom for shopping. yey! hehe.. That's what I've been waiting for so long. aalalal~ haha My brother won't go with us, he likes his friend more! hahaa.. no prob, no one will disturb me and my mom to do shopping ;p

Hope tomorrow there will be a nice weather! ;) Have a nice day for all! ^^