Yummy Snacks! ;9

all of these are from Japan

the one in the middle is the best! hehe

hey~! Long time no see! haha~
Hemm~ I'm back here.. I was not busy, but I had nothing to write hehe~

Hem I'm here now! Today is a bad day. I'm not in a good mood, I'm bored, and a bit of stress~ hehe. today's class was quite boring. I showed my project and then I did my class assignment and that's it! I played games in FB after that~ Not many people came today .. I miss the school. Even my bro does so~ Why? My Holiday is so boring~ Cannot stand to stay at home. :(

hemm~ But still I'd love to share the yummy snacks~! hehe~ "Sharing is caring" right2?? hehe ~
For today's snack:
My sis brought some snacks from Japan. there are candies, stick cookie like pocky, etc,, :)
They are too cute to eat and so yummy :) I like the pocky so much haa! it's different with what I usually eat.

Then I'd like to introduce you~ The yummiest pastry hehe. I think that is called sous, it's tiny in size :) but yummy inside haha. it is soft and the taste is really nice, once you start to eat it, it will melts in ur mouth.. hehe they have a some flavors , the one in the pics are chocolate and vanilla.. I buy it in my school's canteen. SUnway hehe.. :) 3 pieces of only RM 2.50... haha~

thanks to my hunny mac to provide photobooth haha~
Me and sous<3

this is chocolate flavor! ^^

besides that I also like to drink the chocolate bubble tea in my school's canteen. I love bubble tea! the thing is there is no QUickly store in KL, I never find it..~ But the chocolate is nice too. though it is simple just bubble and chocolate blended. haha

tomorrow's plan: I meet my friend from Indo. she is on holiday! and she visited KL~

uM~ That's all for today! ^^
Hv a good day!
Happy weekend! :D