My old Friend :D

Yesterday I had many things to do. So, I had no time to update my blog. Here I am now to Share hehe.~

YEsterday afternoon I met my old friend from my hometown. She is visiting Sunway for holiday :) I met her and I had fun with her. we took some pics from the photo box machine :)

me and my friend

I like this one the most! ^^ I decorated this hehe

After that, my friend my mom and bro came and joined me in a clothes shop :) and then my friend went back to meet her parents, I continue following my mom...

At home, I was thinking and thinking to do DIY on a T shirt, and really I did it until so late! haha but I like the DIY! ^^ I'll post it ASAP!

ANd last, I'm not forgotten bout the concert yesterday, Black Eyed Peas was having a concert near my house, and I can listen to it from my balcony haha! Yesterday was so crowded and fun! But I can't get any pic ~ But I did have the closing fireworks pic! :) There was Fergie too. The songs that They sang were sooo beautiful!
"Big Girls Don't cry", Where is the love, Boom Boom Pow, etc