I felt a short earthquake


First of all, I'll greet you with a big SMILE :D
how are you today?

My day was not good.. I'm in a bad luck or today is my bad day~!
I'm in a bad MOOD~! and yah~ Some bad incident happened. like: I lost my money, and had a bad problem with one of the taxi driver (THIS IS NOT THE 1ST time) all the taxi driver in here mostly are VERY BAD! I hate to get in to a taxi~! ARGH!

The story is like this, I was wanting to go back home from pyramid by taxi. Ya.. First, I payed the money (RM5) at the counter there~ It suppose to be less than that, but they always charge with that amount because it is quite near~~.. I asked the taxi driver to drop me in my school , before continuing to send my mom back home. It was like very near and the way is just one way~

First, he said "going 2 places?" I said yes. He told me again "Pay Extra then", I was in a bad mood and and I just said "No NEED la, just send me back home.." Im not going to pay extra for that kind of attitude~ UGH~ I HATE the TAXI's here.. but I need it! :( hah~!

These days , I didn't get enough sleep because of assignments and I also chatting till late with my friends from my Hometown.. Later on, I need to finish my EARTH DAY CARD! (My project),, It is due tomorrow~..

I want the weekend to come soon! Finally tomorrow is the last day of school!
WELCOME the HOLIDAY! yay!! I will have a week holiday~ need to take a rest ~! But I also going to help my school in an occasion like doing KOLAM DESIGN (click for more)...~
I hope it's gonna be fun.^^

Something was happening while I wrote these~~ suddenly, I felt everything were shaking, I also felt like dizzy and shivering~ That was an earthquake~! I told my sis and she felt it too. I quickly went down to the lobby (I need to be fast! I live in 22nd FLoor~) .. finally it is stop now~ so, I continue writing this , :)

I found out that the earthquake was because of the Sumatra was having an earthquake.. watched the CNN now hehe.. Pray for nothing bad will happen ...