Happy Holiday for me!

I will be having a week holiday starting from tomorrow until the next next week.. hehe~ It is fun to hear that I have holiday. but the bad thing is I will only spend my holiday here, in my apartment.. I do, have some assignments todo.. I will do it when I have a mood to do, ok.. I don't want to make any mistakes because it will be a burdensome for me if I make a small mistake. that makes me to do it from the beginning again.. I don't want it.. and I want to improve my work especially on neatness.. As a graphic designer, neatness is the priority. that's what my lecturers always say. my marks often deducted because of this criteria (so sad T_T). I am not a patient person ok, haha.. that's why I want to improve myself.

I don't want to let this holiday meaningless, means without doing something useful. therefore, I was borrowing some graphics design book from the library.. I really love to stay in the library at my school. It is cold, quiet, lots of books, inspiring books especially, and comfortable.. hehe and it is near from my house too. x)

I am a person who hate to read which is really bad right?? But now, I am getting more interested in it because of I've been looking for inspirations..

I manage to read the books that I've borrowed,.. Now, I am reading the book called (Graphic design for the Fashion Industry).. It sounds fun, right?? :) I found a quote: "The Good thing about fashion is that it has to change, every year or faster, so there's much for a designer to do." and some other books hehe.. I will tell you more about the good good informations...

OK, that is all .. actually I am waiting for my video to be finish uploaded in the youtube. it takes time. You will know what my video will be soon! ^^

Have a great day,