o.O the end of the week :D

yesterday my sister was asking us to go to the pasar malam... but she got the wrong information, the pasar malam is going on every Sunday... haha... But it's fine, I had a chance to go to the mall nearby.. We were dressed like we want to go to the pasar malam not to the mall, just imagine how we look like.. haha wearing t-shirt, shorts, and slippers ;p

After that, we went to a cafe outside the mall, we were eating the malaysian style kind of snacks: toast bread (so sweet) with margarine and kaya... then we had teh tarik (another sweet drink ==).. quite fun actually :D

Tomorrow is free!! got some times for relax and doing the homework... ;p hoho..
Wish I can hang out for a while.. :D Now still in the season of SALE! hehe got to buy some pieces from Forever21 a few days back.. I love summer! xP
I miss to go back to my hometown.. miss my friends from my hometown x))
Oh ya, I just got my O-level's results.. not bad .. haha..

Ok, have a nice weekends everybody!