the first day in the first week

I feel better now, I fall in love with what I am doing now..

Thank God I meet some new and good friends that can hang out with me at school... The school schedule has been given by one of my lecture. lots of works will be given.. Thank GOD for the good school and environment... :)

I just went back home, I feel so tired now, just done my preparation for tomorrow's class.
It's not done yet, I can't take a rest first, after this, I need to go to the bank to open an account, then I need to go to school again if it's possible (if the school office hasn't closed yet..) or maybe come to report all the things up tomorrow..
as an international student, lots of things to do at first like:
- student visa, student card, etc..I haven't done all of these things.. and I still got problem with something that I'm not sure bout it..

I've learnt something: Don't judge a Book from It's Cover... what I've been thinking are totally wrong!!!! It takes time to know how it is, the real side of it!.. :)