panic! x)

Sharing size : J.Co Yoghurt with 4 toppings :D

I've got 3 days off, time flies! Tomorrow is already Monday again. today is my last day to wake up late and to do my work.. These days I spent more time on hanged out, Less time on doing my assignment. I just stuck and don't know how to do it. I need to ask my friend tomorrow..

The first week just passed, Lots of works were given. x) hiahaia.. I must work harder!!!
These 2 days (Friday and Saturday) I hanged out to malls.. xP
On Friday I met my friends from High school. I had fun with them and watched movie which I don't really like it hehe.. After that, we spent time in a Cafe.. We played cards, and they drank beers, but I didn't drink.. (not used to it and Can't).

On saturday I stayed at home in the afternoon, and at night I went to KLCC with mom and brother.. Later after went back from KLCC I went to Pyramid to get Yoghurt from J.Co... My mom, my brother, and I really love the yoghurt from J.Co! hehe

Sis and Me

My brother and me.

I really exhausted now... I didn't get enough sleep. Today I woke up earlier than how I usually wake up on the weekend.. hehe I need to continue on doing my work.. well, I doubt I can do all and finish it all by today cause i don't know how to do the rest..
Argh!! Monday again.. I hate Monday! :(

Well. Have a nice day, enjoy your weekend with your beloved! :D