No Fun Day! ;p My mom Home made porridge!

There is No more fun day for me.! O-level is in front of my eyes..~ I didn't revise much. Playing around was the thing that I've done for 2 weeks.. I felt A bit panicking now.. ..

Ok, I'll introduce to you, "My mom Home Made vegetable Porridge!" The best!! Yummy~ I had it this afternoon..

My mom Home Made Porridge!
There are: Green Vege, small shrimps, and chicken. Don't forget the garlic.. :D
And I'll Introduce to you, Swedish Cracker for breakfast!The best !! ;) It's plain without

Some More!!

What is it? Cracker~ :D
Swedish Style Cracker.. press some of the tasty Cheese & shrimps for the taste on it! slrupp~
It usually eaten during Breakfast..
I usually have this at my sis house! haha